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👋 Welcome to the Store!

Here you can obtain ranks, keys, cosmetics and other perks we offer. By making a purchase, you can spice up your game while supporting the development as well!

Please pick a category to see available products.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Dear parents...

We understand that the idea that your child wants to buy something on the internet a bit worrying so we will quickly explain it to you.

Your child is playing in an online world, with many other players, each player starts with a default rank, which comes with many features already, but not all of them. When purchasing a package to our server, we reward your child with a higher rank and/or other features. This includes more features than the default rank or enables them to be able to get extra things on the network, therefore making the game experience more enjoyable.

📜 How to make a purchase?

Pick a game mode you're playing on and a corresponding category, then find the product(s) you want to purchase.

Carefully read the description(s) and make sure that it's correct, because no refunds will be granted after you make a purchase. After you've done that, proceed with the payment. You should receive a confirmation message afterwards.

We currently support the following payment methods:

  • PayPal (pay with your balance, bank account or credit/debit card - Mastercard, Visa, etc.)
  • MysticPay (pay with your Mystic Credit, our virtual currency)
  • Bank Transfers (only for residents of Republic of Serbia, contact us)

Important: You must be online when you purchase product(s) from our store. Otherwise, you may not receive the item(s) in-game. You can leave the server once the purchase is complete, and you've received the item(s).

📕 Refunds & Store Terms

By making a purchase, you automatically accept store and other terms.

📧 We respect Mojang Studios' EULA!

Email: info@mysticmc.me (For EULA related inquries)

We are strongly against any EULA breakage. Please read our statement.