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Welcome to the Rules hub!
Here you can read our community rules. Please read and obey them.
Breaking the rules may result in a punishment. You have been warned.
All displayed punishments should be used as a recommendation only.

You can find some useful pages below.

Global Rules

Rule #1

You are not allowed to advertise websites, groups, servers, or generally any links that are not affiliated with us.

This includes Discord servers dedicated to your own claims and towns.

  • Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban from our community.

Rule #2

Any attempts to destabilize or sabotage our systems is strictly prohibited and not tolerated.

This includes creating lag machines, using exploits, ddosing and other means of sabotage.

  • Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban from our community.
  • Our team may press criminal charges against individuals breaking the law.

Rule #3

Be respectful and keep it clean! Insults, swearing (incl. bypassing our chat filters) & inappropriate content is prohibited!

No chauvinism, nazism (fascism), ableism, homophobia, sexism, racism, and similar ideologies.

  • Breaking this rule may result in a permanent ban from our community.

Rule #4

Respect others' privacy! Unless you have an explicit permission from the other side, keep private information private.

Doxing is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

  • Breaking this rule may result in a ban from our community.

Rule #5

Do not bypass your punishments. We do allow alternate accounts, but you are not allowed to use them to bypass the punishments.

We will not tolerate users that try to bypass their justified punishments.

  • Breaking this rule may result in your punishment being prolonged/or a permanent ban.

Rule #6

Do not share your account(s) with others (sharing/selling/etc. is prohibited). Only one person can use one account.

Also, we do not allow selling/trading item(s)/account(s) from our community for real-world money or other goods.

  • Breaking this rule may result in a permanent ban from our community.

Rule #7

Do not mention rule violation in public chats. If you notice that someone is violating the rules, report it to us.

You are also not allowed to intentionally take a part in rule violations – all people that violate the rules will be punished!

  • Breaking this rule may result in a mute or other punishments.

Rule #8

Please keep our public chats English-only. We have nothing against other languages, it's just not practical to moderate chats in foreign languages.

Since our staff members are only required to understand English, we will not tolerate foreign languages in our public chats.

  • Breaking this rule may result in a warning or a mute.

Rule #9

Please don't abuse the commands, channels, forms, etc. On Discord (for example), all channels have topics that describe what they are used for. You may use commands only in command channels. This rule also applies to other parts of our community.

  • Breaking this rule may result in your account being punished.

Rule #10

You may apply for a staff position twice. Further applications may automatically be considered as denied, unless you were told otherwise.

We will also not tolerate impersonating our staff team members (or any other members of our community).

  • Breaking this rule may result your account being punished.

Please appeal if you were wrongly punished.

Survival Pravila

  1. Grifovanje zaštićenih mesta u kojima ste član. BAN 14D
  2. Namerna krađa stvari od drugih i/ili skam (prevara) u cilju dobijanja nečega. JAIL 7D
  3. Građenje automatskih ili redstone ili afk ili drugih kompleksnih mašina/farmi. JAIL 14D
  4. Čitovanje, korišćenje nedozvoljenih clienata (osim Optifine, Lunar, Minimap). BAN 30D
  5. Nepristojne ili uvredljive građevine. JAIL 3D
  6. Nepristojna/uvredljiva imena itema/mobova/i slično. JAIL 1D
  7. Moljenje za iteme/novac u privatnim ili javnim četovima. MUTE 1D
  8. Lažiranje specijalnih itema ili bilo koja druga prevara. BAN 14D
  9. Bilo koji vid narušavanja (uružnjavanja) izgleda divljine (nezaštićenog). JAIL 3D
  10. Neadekvatno imenovanje teritorija. JAIL 3H
  11. Zabranjeno je ubijanje drugih koji na to nisu spremni (TP/Join/Spawn Kill). JAIL 1D
  12. Uznemiravanje drugih u igri (sabotiranje, dosađivanje, i sl.). JAIL 1D
  13. Građenje na samoj granici tuđe teritorije (3 čanka od zaštite). JAIL 1D
  14. Javno nagoveštavanje da neko koristi čitove. MUTE 3H
  15. Anti AFK mašine (dozvoljeno je biti /afk, ali ne u mašinama). BAN 1D
  16. Iskorišćavanje glavnog sveta za resurse (umesto sveta za resurse). ADEKVATNA KAZNA

Priložite žalbu ukoliko smatrate da ste neadekvatno kažnjeni.